Glammin' Up Sammies: 10 Dinner-Worthy Sandwiches

Not just for lunch: With a few tweaks, a sandwich can be dinner-worthy. See more healthy soups and sandwiches pictures.

In the 1986 Brat Pack movie," About Last Night," Demi Moore starred with Rob Lowe as a romantic couple living together for the first time. Moore described their culinary situation, saying they each cooked two nights a week, ate out two nights a week, and the last night was Sandwich Night. Moore's BFF mocked her friend for sinking to such domesticity.

Not just pop culture, Sandwich Night is a slice of Americana happening in households all over. Sandwiches for dinner are popular for obvious reasons. This handy-dandy meal has so many positive elements. It is:

  • easier than a hot, homemade meal
  • great for busy nights
  • accommodates multiple schedules
  • a change from normal
  • casually eaten on the couch while watching TV

On the flip side, Sandwich Night could be considered the lazy way out, showing you don't have the time or inclination to make a hot, nutritious meal. For some, sandwiches are boring -- a BLT, turkey with Swiss or PB&J are items you could buy at a convenience store -- and not filling enough. From a health perspective, most sandwiches don't provide the vegetables servings typically associated with dinner, the main meal of the day. A slice of lettuce or tomato isn't close to satisfying the food pyramid.

But with some creativity and thought, you can break the mold and serve sandwiches that are filling, healthy and delicious. Read on to discover how to elevate Sandwich Night to an art form. Some might call it witchcraft, sandwich-craft, that is.