Glammin' Up Sammies: 10 Dinner-Worthy Sandwiches

The Pressed Italian Sub

Italy is known for its food, so it's no wonder there are a few Italian concoctions on this list. The beauty of this sandwich is there is seasoning and spice on every layer -- after all, that's Italian! First, start with ciabatta bread. Smooth on some olive tapenade and sprinkle oil and vinegar. Then, start the layers of deli meat; beware -- if you're a vegetarian, this sandwich is not for you!

Salami and capicolla are standards, followed by prosciutto, mozzarella, peppers, and Italian spices like basil or oregano. Pepperoni and black olives are also great toppings.

Next, you want to press the sandwich, and you do this by wrapping it well in plastic wrap. Place a heavy, flat object like a cutting board on top of the sandwich and put weight on the cutting board. Ideally, you want the weight to be between 2 to 4 pounds (907 grams to 1.8 kilograms), so a pack of soda, a large pot or even a handweight will work. The cutting board helps distribute the weight evenly. After a couple of hours, you can remove the sandwich and cut into eighths.

The result -- a delicious pressed sandwich that can be served at dinner with a soup, or taken to the park, ballgames or wherever your busy family is headed.

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