Glammin' Up Sammies: 10 Dinner-Worthy Sandwiches

Cheese and Short Ribs

One of the common complaints about sandwiches for dinner is that they don't fill you up. Well, adjust your belt buckle because this dinner dish will leave you stuffed. This cheese and short ribs sandwich is a combination of two winners -- grilled cheese and barbecue.

Short ribs by themselves make a great meal, and in fact, a good idea is to make short ribs for dinner one night, and then later in the week, follow up with this sandwich using the leftovers. Take the cooked meat and sauté in a pot with carrots, celery and onions; then add wine, cooking sherry, beef broth and some thyme and bay leaves for flavor. Leave the meat to simmer until you can easily pull it off the bone.

Next, caramelize some onions and arrange your buttered sandwich bread on a baking sheet -- any crusty bread works well. Top each slice with rib meat and sauce, cheese (Pepper Jack or Monterey Jack works well) and top with a spoonful of caramelized onions. Using a griddle or large skillet, grill each slice until your cheese is gooey. Add a bit of arugula for extra taste and color.

This sandwich is not only filling, it's a true knife-and-fork meal that your family will love.

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