10 Easy Poolside Snacks


Thinking of summer often brings images of big, juicy slices of watermelon or endless bowls sweet peaches. Fruit is a versatile, healthy and portable way to re-energize during a day of swimming and pool games. Many fruits, such as melons and berries, keep you hydrated and full naturally. They also provide fiber and vitamins you can lose while basking in the sun or splashing around in the water.

Prepping fruit is simple. Cut up slices of melon or just wash a bunch of grapes and freeze for a super-cold snack. Enjoy in-season fruit such as mango, plums, peaches and berries at their peak with a colorful fruit salad. Fruit kabobs are also a great way kids can get involved in the prep -- and eating -- of fruit. Pre-cut small cubes of melon, banana, grapes, anything that will fit well on a small skewer. Kids love assembling the kabobs (make sure they're careful not to poke themselves!)

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