10 Essentials to Keep a Stocked Bar

Sure, bars have the atmosphere, but a stocked drinks cabinet at home is convenient and cozy. See more pictures of cocktails.

Stocking a home bar requires a substantial financial investment, but it can also save money. One of the luxuries of a home bar is that it's a collection, not a business. This means you don't have to worry about tipping bartenders, paying outrageous markups on liquor or getting in a fight with the angry-looking biker in the corner (unless, of course, that angry-looking biker is a friend of yours and will be coming over a lot). You don't even have to worry about getting home after having a few rounds.

Whether you've got a modest drinks cabinet or an elaborate home bar with beer on tap, a flat-screen TV, custom stools, a dartboard and minifridge, you're ready to get your libation on. But with all the cocktail requests your guests could make, where do you start when it comes to stocking your bar? We'll take a look at the top 10 most essential items for the perfect home bar so you're prepared for New Year's Eve, happy hour or your next dinner party.