10 Essentials to Keep a Stocked Bar

Keep some everlasting bar snacks on hand, such as a tin of salted nuts.
Keep some everlasting bar snacks on hand, such as a tin of salted nuts.

When people drink, they like to nosh. You should always have snacks on hand in your bar. There are a lot of directions to go here. You can go the highbrow route with homemade bacon-wrapped pickled asparagus, sashimi and stuffed mussels with manchego cheese and anchovies. Or, you can broil some chicken wings and make nachos in the microwave. Then, of course, you could just keep a jar of pickled eggs at the end of the bar to see which of your guests is bravest and/or most foolish.

Though people need snacks to keep them happy while they're sipping your perfectly mixed cocktails and downing your tasty beers, what's most important is that there is anything to eat at all. Flashy tapas will elicit gasps and applause, but a bowl of crackerjacks or some hot tater tots are just as respectable. If you're the sort of host who throws impromptu parties, keep nonperishable snacks stashed in your bar. A tin of mixed nuts and a bag of pretzels will do the trick. It's expensive to entertain, and if you're shelling out for pricey liqueurs and a wide assortment of vino, don't break the bank getting snacks (and make sure it's only one pickled egg per person).

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