Top 10 Food Fads of All Time

Oat Bran

In the late 1980s, Americans went crazy for oats. Suddenly oatmeal, the scourge of breakfast choices, found itself the most popular girl at the dance. Why all the attention? A study came out stating that eating oats could lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Faster than you could say "oatmeal cookie," oatmeal products were flying off the shelves. Unfortunately, even though these products contained oatmeal, many them weren't as healthy as advertised. For example, oat bran muffins exploded in popularity, but dieters didn't realize that the egg yolks in the muffins negated any positive effects from the oats. Fear not, though -- it's not all bad news. We simply recommend you make wise and informed choices. The oat bran craze continues today under the guise of the whole-grain trend.

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