10 Foods for a Better Sex Life



Eat the gelatin, reserve the whipped cream.
Eat the gelatin, reserve the whipped cream.
Berit Myrekrok/Getty Images

Let's face it: Sex can be a lot of work, and all that strenuous physical activity takes a heavy toll on your joints and cartilage. Flexibility, strong connective tissue and stamina are all important factors in maintaining a robust sex life, and one food that may have a positive effect on those joints is gelatin.

A 1998 study at Ball State University found that gelatin reduced joint pain in athletes. If you're looking for energy before a big night, studies indicate that eating gelatin can help heal connective tissue, keep your ligaments springy and repair minor damage to joint lining. Although gelatin alone doesn't contain much nutritional value, there's something enticingly seductive (and curative) about the wiggle of it.