10 Foods for a Better Sex Life


Red Wine

Red wine is a heavy hitter on any list of foods that improve your sex life. It lubricates conversation, calms the jitters, pairs well with a good meal and even provides the opportunity to impress a date with a little wine knowledge. However, one of the reasons that red wine has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years (besides getting would-be partners a little tipsy), is what a sensual experience it is to drink it. The rich scent of the grape, the deep scarlet coloring, the burst of flavor as it hits the palate -- nothing says seduction like red wine.

From a nutritional perspective, red wine has a variety of other benefits that make it stand out in the field of alcoholic beverages. It's a lighter, sexier alternative to a pint of beer, and because of its contact with grape skins, it has a higher antioxidant content than white wine. Moderate consumption of alcohol can even reduce the danger of blood clots. Red wine also contains resveratrol, a chemical that can lower the risk of heart disease and prevent damage to blood vessels from cholesterol.