10 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach


No, ice cream isn't a good snack choice for a day at the beach. But if you're taking a cooler to the beach, or at least an insulated bag packed with frozen bottles of water, you don't have to avoid dairy products. Cheese can be a great beach snack because it's tasty and loaded with protein -- great for refueling after sand-and-surf play..

As with any beach snacks, go for individual servings. That helps minimize the amount of sand in your food and discourages over-indulging. Low-fat string cheese and baby cheese rounds are good choices. Cheese cubes packed in individual bags or small containers also work well. For an added treat, pack some breadsticks to munch with the cheese. Or enjoy it with some apple or pear slices.

Small low-fat yogurt packages also can provide yummy, protein-rich snacks, but you'll need to pack spoons.

Feeling fancy? Check the next page for a cool, delicious snack that takes just a little more effort.

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