Freeze and Reheat: 10 Make-ahead Meals

Homemade Soup

Nothing warms you up on a chilly night like soup, and when you make and freeze your own, you can avoid all the sodium and preservatives that are in conventional canned offerings. Broth-based soups are ideal for freezing. Creamy soups and those with potatoes don't hold up in the freezer as well because they get watery when thawed. Pasta can get doughy in the freezer, so if the recipe calls for it, add it after you reheat the meal.

After making the meal, keep bacteria at bay by cooling it quickly. Put the soup in a bowl and let it sit in shallow ice water (stir it a few times while it chills). After it's cooled, toss it in the freezer, where it'll keep for two to three months.

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