10 Pretty Ways to Use Tomatoes as Garnish


Salad Topper

Looking for a low-effort way to add pizzazz to a salad? Dot it with a garnish of cherry tomatoes. As the name implies, these tiny tomatoes are small enough to be eaten whole (some are the size of peas) and are typically high in sugar, which makes them a tasty addition to leafy greens. But, if you've got the impression that cherry tomatoes are only round and red (who wouldn't, with a name like that?), then it's time to redraw your mental boundaries. Cherry tomatoes can be round, but they're also oblong, gourd- and pear-shaped, and they range in hue from rosy red to orange, green and gold. There's even a "black cherry" variety that will add a shot of dark brown color to any dish. The best part about garnishing with cherry tomatoes? Zero prep time. Just wash these mini-fruit, plunk them on top and voilĂ !