10 Pretty Ways to Use Tomatoes as Garnish


Sundried Strips

Sundried tomatoes are so versatile.
Sundried tomatoes are so versatile.

OK, admittedly, the last garnish took some work -- or a hot oven, at least. But even if you're short on prep time and ingredients, you can still add a colorful tomato garnish that will make any dish delicious.

The next time you're making a dash through the local market, grab a jar of sundried tomatoes. They're usually near the bottles of olives and other tasty accoutrements. Decorative and flavorful, they'll dress up any dish -- fast. Imagine plating a grilled fish fillet. Blah, right? Pop open your handy cylinder of sundried tomatoes, drain the oil, cut the tomatoes into strips and arrange them atop your main dish for a no-longer-beige meal. Of course, you can do all sorts of things with sundried tomatoes, from savory dips to sauces. What we like best, though, is using them as our secret garnishing weapon.