10 Pretty Ways to Use Tomatoes as Garnish


Tomato Basket

This advanced garnish is a showstopper that's worth the work. For the first time in our food-garnishing foray, you'll need a special tool, though. In addition to a sharp paring knife, you'll need a v-chisel knife. These usually come in sets designed for fruit or vegetable carving and are relatively inexpensive -- about $20. The knife is named for its v-shaped sharp end, which comes in handy for making decorative cuts. To transform a tomato into a basket, you'll first need to fashion a handle. Lay the tomato on its side and make two slits from stem to stern, about one-half centimeter from each other. Then form the sides of the basket by using a v-chisel knife to score along the length of the tomato. Core out of the flesh, and you should be left with a one-half centimeter handle and a basket in which you can put decorative or edible items, from fresh blossoms to vegetables.