10 Great Snacks for the Plane

Classic Snacks Image Gallery Although this cheeseburger is probably tasty, it's a little messy for the plane. Not to worry, we've got 10 other snack ideas for you. See more pictures of classic snacks.

Many airlines have cut back on the food they give you in flight, but that doesn't mean you have to starve while you're in the air. There are plenty of snackable items you can bring in your carry-on to tide you over until you get to the next terminal or you arrive at your final destination. Before you start packing those snacks, though, check with the airline first -- some things are forbidden on flights. As you're deciding what nosh to stash, keep courtesy in mind as well. You're going to be stuck in a metal tube with dozens of strangers. Just because you're excited to try the latest offering from your cheese-of-the-month membership (a particularly pungent Camembert ), doesn't mean the person in the seat next to you is going to be equally thrilled.

The next time someone mentions snacks on a plane, you'll be ready to dish up at least 10 good suggestions.