10 Great Snacks for the Plane


Granola's a terrific snack for the plane, because it's easy to pack and eat and it's supposed to be pretty healthy, too. Well, it's easy anyway. Actually, despite its historic connection with health food nut John Harvey Kellogg, today's granola comes packed with sugar and fat. There's a wide variety of granola bars available, though, including low fat versions. Of course, if you choose the chocolate covered ones, you aren't fooling anybody. Even the loose cereal contains a lot of calories and sugar, but then again, if you're hungry and stuck in midair, those calories might be just what you need. If you really want to cut down on the sugar, making your own granola is an option. But even if you don't go that route and opt for the regular stuff, the person in the next seat will probably still think you're being healthy.

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