10 Great Snacks for the Plane

Beef Jerky

OK, this might sound a little crazy, but beef jerky is actually good for you. Well, that is if by "good" in this case, we actually mean "not that bad." It's high in protein, which is exactly what you want to pause those pangs of hunger and grind to a halt that growing -- and somewhat embarrassing -- growl in your gut, and typically, it's low in fat. Check the label, though. Some brands are high in sodium and other preservatives.

If beef isn't your first choice or you're worried about taste, you'll be happy to hear that today's jerky comes in a wide variety of meats and flavors. A shopping trip could turn up alligator, buffalo, elk, emu, ostrich, pork, salmon, tuna or turkey jerky. And flavors range from such basics as black pepper, garlic or teriyaki to the more exotic -- chipotle-lime, mesquite smoked or sweet and spicy mango.

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