10 Great Snacks for the Plane

Who doesn't like candy?
Who doesn't like candy?
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Is there really any point in telling you that candy isn't good for you? Dentists (and moms) everywhere have been pointing that out forever, and if you haven't gotten the point by now, it's pretty much a lost cause. That said, you can get candy, in all its wonderful varieties, just about anywhere except the actual plane. So as a last-minute airport purchase, for the calories you need to get through the flight, sometimes you just can't beat the stuff. Plus, candy comes in a handy package that won't get you the hairy eyeball from airport security. With the usual caveat about being sensitive to the peanut allergies of your fellow passengers, go ahead and grab a chewy, sweet treat. And if you want to make yourself feel a little less guilty, try some chocolate- or carob-covered fruit or pretzels.

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