10 Substitute Ingredients for Lighter Cooking

Slash fat and calories by making these smart, simple ingredient substitutions. Get more pictures of food portions.
Jeffrey Hamilton/Getty Images

Although we may not be able to control many aspects of life, such as our height or the taxes we're required to pay, we can be masters of our own nutritional destiny. Many people give daily diet habits minimal consideration, which leaves them vulnerable to unhealthy side effects like weight gain and high cholesterol. Those of us with good intentions can fall short, too. All the steamed veggies in the world won't cancel out that scrumptious casserole made with too many pats of butter and full-fat cream.

Rather than abstain completely from Grandma's signature recipe, however, consider employing a few easy ingredient substitutions. With a little bit of practice, substituting healthier ingredients for their higher-fat brethren can save your waistline without torturing your taste buds in the process. Read on for a list of healthy substitute ingredients that can be used to lighten up many of your favorite dishes.

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