10 Surprising Foodies

A "foodie" isn't above french fries, as long as they're tasty. See more fried food pictures.

A "foodie" is someone with an avid interest in food and the trends in cuisine. Foodies don't just enjoy eating -- they also enjoy learning about what they're putting in their mouths.

Don't think that a foodie is some kind of snob, though. Foodies are interested in good food. Period. It doesn't have to be expensive and gourmet -- it just has to be good, made from quality ingredients. A foodie will relish a tasty burger just as much as he or she might relish a $100 spoon of caviar.

We all know the usual suspects in the foodie world -- all-star chefs, writers like Mark Bittman or critics like Gael Green. However, you might be surprised to find out that your favorite actor or historical figure might also be a food connoisseur! On the next few pages, we'll reveal some unlikely foodies. We'll discuss wine aficionados as well. After all, good food is usually accompanied by good wine.

Let's get started, and bon appétit!