10 Things You Wouldn't Think Would Be Good with Chocolate -- But Are


Go beyond vanilla! Though the sweet-seeded orchid is a ubiquitous ingredient in chocolate desserts, chocolatiers are using other flowers for flavor to complement delicate candies. Like spices, flowers offer strong fragrances and exotic origins that emphasize exclusivity while having a subtle effect on flavor and texture. The more rare and beautiful they are, the better.

Even common flowers like roses and violets are elevated to royal status after being candied in a bath of hot sugar syrup. The rock candy-like result is a popular decoration for wedding cakes, but chocolatiers are catching on. Even the smallest bonbon looks, feels and tastes extravagant if it's topped with a jewel-toned sugar bloom. Couture chocolatiers have experimented with the flavors of chamomile, Japanese cherry blossom petals and white poppy seeds, each meant to evoke a particular place or mood.