10 Things Your Grocer Doesn't Want You to Know

The Store is Designed to Make You Spend

Make no mistake, your supermarket is designed with the psychology of the shopper in mind. Every single thing in that store is placed for a reason, from the end caps of sale products to the location of the milk and bread.

Those displays at the end of every aisle are there to distract you from your shopping list. Food companies pay the store a lot of money to highlight their products and inspire impulse buys.

Also, because milk and bread are staples and among the most common items purchased at the supermarket, the store places them as far back in the store as possible. This forces you to traverse the entire supermarket in order to get your milk, and you'll likely make even more impulse buys.

And let's not forget shelf placement. Kid-friendly items are found at a child's eye level, where a kid can simply reach out and grab them. Companies also pay more money to put their products at our eye level, so we're more likely to pick those items off the shelf.

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