10 Things You Can Eat at a Fast Food Place and Not Feel Guilty

Choose very carefully. See more pictures of fast food.

When you visit your favorite fast food restaurant, the menu items are familiar, the menu board is easy to read, and the fare is -- about what you expect. That goes for your friendly neighborhood drive-through as well as its clone halfway across the country in a town you've never even heard of. That's pretty consistent. It's also pretty scary when you consider the fat-laden, sodium-rich and calorie-packed offerings a lot of these chains are serving up to millions of Americans every day.

If you want to eat healthier without giving up your fast food habit, there are some low-cal, low-fat options out there that are still flavorful and filling. These 10 healthy fast food menu items taste great, so ordering one of them instead of your usual diet-busting indulgence will be less of a sacrifice.

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