24-hour Salad

From forum user: enchantedmommy "My mom passed the recipe to me, and it is GREAT. It's a nice light meal for a hot summer day or night."


1 medium head lettuce
1 can sweet peas
4 chopped green onions (chop them in small pieces, but not fine)
1 or 2 packs mozzarella cheese
2 cups mayonnaise
1 tablespoon sugar (add more if you like)
Bacon bits


  1. Rinse your lettuce and shred it (I use a cheese shredder). Layer it into the bottom of your container (Don't use metal or aluminum. It will turn your lettuce a yucky brown). 
  2. On top of your lettuce bed, pour the drained peas. On top of the peas, place your green onion. Mix together the mayo and sugar, and taste until it is slightly sweet. 
  3. With a cake spatula, spread it carefully over the lettuce, peas and green onion. On top of the mayo mix, sprinkle the cheese, as much as you like, and top it all off with bacon bits. 
  4. Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight. The next day the flavors will have melded together. This salad is great. Serve it alone or as a side dish. Accompany with Ritz crackers or, my favorite, garlic bread. ENJOY!!

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