5 Foods You Should Grow in Your Own Backyard

From fruit to herbs, your backyard can yield a plentiful harvest. See more pictures of culinary herbs.
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These days, buying fruits and vegetables is a major headache. Rising fuel prices mean more expensive produce, and how can you trust the food you do buy? There's no way to tell how much pesticide went into growing the factory-farmed apples and eerily shiny tomatoes in the produce aisle. So should you buy expensive organic vegetables or opt for the cheap kind and worry about chemicals later? What's more, there's your carbon footprint to consider. Is it worth it to buy out-of-season organic cucumbers if they crossed an ocean to get to you? Fortunately, there's hope. With some time and a little grit, you can grow a surprising amount of your own fruits and veggies. Here are five common crops that just about anyone can grow in his or her own backyard -- and one that you can grow indoors.