Top 5 Chocolate Varieties

Which is your favorite type of chocolate? See more chocolate pictures.
Brian Yarvin/Getty Images

Chocolate is a wonderful, if guilty, indulgence. It's like reality TV of desserts. Just try to say no. Everyone likes chocolate and there are all kinds to choose from -- raw baking chocolate whipped into a sweet brownie batter, sweet, off-the-candy-aisle milk chocolate, savory dark for the chocolate appreciator.

But what separates all the various kinds of chocolates from each other? For the most part, it's the science of how cocoa solids and the oil of the cacao plant are treated, and even the amount of sugar used. (And did you know that white chocolate isn't even chocolate, legally or technically, because there's no cocoa in it?) So, here's some Take Home Chef advice -- and our exhaustively researched (by which we mean "thoroughly taste-tested") recommendations for the top five chocolate varieties.