5 Cooking Tools for Quick Dinners

Want a little help with dinner? Keep these tools on hand. See more easy weeknight meals pictures.
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There was a time, not so long ago, when cooking dinner meant hours of prep and lots of manual labor. Slicing and dicing had to all be done by hand and mashing and pureeing was done with elbow grease instead of a blender or food processor. With the invention of cool kitchen gadgets, we can kiss those long prep times goodbye and get on with the job of making dinner for our families.

There's nothing like having the right tool for the job to make any kitchen task that much easier. Sure you can peel a potato with a knife, but a peeler requires less work for your hand and will probably leave you with more potato put in the pan instead of stuck to the peel. The only problem is that you end up with a kitchen full of specialty gadgets that only serve one function. Here are five of our favorite multi-purpose kitchen tools that are great for whipping up a quick dinner for your family.

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