5 Easy One-pan Dinners


Arroz Con Pollo

Whether you call it arroz con pollo or know it as chicken with rice, it's a popular Latin-based meal that's hearty, flavorful and doesn't take long to cook. The flavors in arroz con pollo come through the spices and tangy ingredients such as green olives, white wine, saffron, peas and pimentos.

You need a large pan for cooking the chicken and then adding the rice and other components. Arroz con pollo typically features chicken pieces on the bone, but cubed chicken breast will cook faster. After you've lightly browned the chicken pieces, sauté the veggies for a few minutes. Then add broth or water, the rice and spices. Simmer covered until all the liquid has been absorbed and then fluff with a fork before serving. Whether you use a recipe with traditional ingredients or one with more familiar flavors, arroz con pollo is sure to please any palate.