5 Easy One-pan Dinners

Frittatas are equally yummy served warm or at room temperature.
Frittatas are equally yummy served warm or at room temperature.

Frittatas, the Italian version of an omelet, fall into that fun "breakfast for dinner" category that's always popular. We love it because it's dead simple to make and is a healthy and filling meal all by itself.

A basic frittata recipe features eggs and cheese, but you can play around with an endless amount of added ingredients. More hearty ingredients commonly include ham, bacon, sausage, potatoes and onions, but vegetarian frittatas, featuring artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach are equally delicious.

Unlike French or American-style omelets, which are usually sautéed quickly for one person and folded before serving, frittatas are typically half-cooked on the stovetop, finished in the oven and are served from the pan to feed several people. Like several other dishes featured in this article, frittatas are great for using up meats and veggies in your fridge and freezer. Ready to have this breakfast dish for dinner? Try this easy cheesy recipe.

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