10 Easy Ways to Prepare Tofu


Slow Cooker and Simple Skillet Meals

Just add tofu and voila!
Just add tofu and voila!

Yes, even when you're looking for healthy ingredient options, convenience is an important consideration. Set-it-and-forget-it and one-skillet (or pot) meals are easy to prepare, and cleanup is fast. In the case of slow cooker options, you can even do the honors early in the day and let your countertop helper do the real work. It's an energy-efficient and labor saving choice, and when you select recipes that include tofu, the benefits just keep on coming. In slow cooker meals, tofu is typically added during the last half hour or so of cooking.

We have a few scrumptious stew recipes and one for Thai green curry to show you how to cook tofu low and slow:

  • Mushroom Tofu Stew
  • Persian Stew With Tofu
  • Thai Green Curry with Vegetables and Tofu