10 Easy Ways to Prepare Tofu



The perfect meal to perfect your chopstick skills.
The perfect meal to perfect your chopstick skills.

Classic stir-fry using firm textured tofu makes a more filling dish than vegetables alone. Upping the protein content in most vegetable-based dishes results in a more satisfying meal overall. If you don't like the idea of using small white cubes, you can julienne strips of tofu and marinate them in a little soy or oyster sauce to make them a light brown in color and give them a stronger flavor.

Tofu will take on the taste of strongly flavored ingredients in your recipes. When you use hard to find or expensive items, like specialty mushrooms or seafood, adding tofu will help you get the most from a relatively small number of expensive elements in a dish.

If you need some inspiration for a flavorful stir-fry using tofu, the recipes below have big taste and feature tofu as a main ingredient: