10 Easy Ways to Prepare Tofu


Salads and Sandwiches

You won't miss the meat on this tofu club sandwich.
You won't miss the meat on this tofu club sandwich.

Tofu mixed into salad can have the appearance and texture of chopped egg. It's a quick and easy way to add protein and variety to a side salad. You can use almost any type of tofu, and can chop, julienne or crumble it, depending on the presentation you have in mind.

You can even make a creamy salad dressing using silken tofu as the base. The results will likely be lower in calories and higher in protein than many of the prepared dressings you're used to. The Stilton Salad Dressing recipe below will get you started, but you can experiment with your favorite dressing recipes and swap out a portion of the mayonnaise or some other high-calorie ingredient for tofu without losing flavor or creaminess.

When you're preparing a soup and sandwich combo, why not add some tofu to your sandwiches, too. Firm tofu can replace some of the egg in egg salad and can even be used as a substitute as in the eggless egg salad recipe included here. You can also add tofu to blended ingredients like tuna salad or the tasty spinach and tomato tofu toss below.