5 Essentials for Easy Deep South Dinners

Now that's good eats!
Now that's good eats!

Corn is a favorite ingredient in Deep South cuisine. Sometimes it goes right from the stalk and into the pot for corn on the cob; at other times, it takes a bit more work to get to the finished product. No matter your preference, you can find a corn recipe that will work for whatever meal you're preparing. Succotash is a quick and nutritious dish that features not one, but two types of corn -- kernel corn and hominy. Cornmeal provides the basis for a number of Southern classics, including cornbread, corn pudding (sometimes called spoonbread) and hush puppies, all of which can be stirred together in minutes.

Perhaps the most popular Deep South dish made from corn is, of course, grits, which is coarsely ground corn that's simmered in water for about 15 minutes until thick and creamy. Cheese, garlic and shrimp are popular additions, but it's hard to beat the simple deliciousness of grits with just salt, pepper and butter. And for those non-Southerners who aren't familiar with grits but might want to try the dish, it's literally impossible to "just have one" grit.

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