5 Essentials for Quick Salads for Dinner

The Dressing

Salad dressing is often the best and worst ingredient in salad. Add too much, and it covers up the natural flavor elements you're trying to create and contributes loads of fat and sodium. Add too little, and you're left with a pretty pile of good-for-you ingredients no one wants to eat. Using a prepared salad dressing is a fast option. Prepared dressings last just about forever in your fridge, and they're easy to squirt on at the last minute. If you want something quick, simple and natural, though, opt for a vinaigrette dressing you can prepare on the fly. Once you get used to it, you'll like the bite and love the fact that you'll be able to count the ingredients on the fingers of one hand.

Vinaigrette dressing is super easy to make and allows for lots of creativity in your choice of spices, oils and vinegars. You probably have most if not all of the ingredients on hand, too. To make a perfect vinaigrette, just remember to get the proportions right. If you want, say, a cup of vinaigrette dressing, combine two-thirds of a cup of oil to a third of a cup of vinegar. It's that simple.

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