Top 5 Foods That Cause Staining on Teeth


Wine is one of the biggest tooth-staining beverages around. Red wine in particular is a triple whammy: It's acidic; it contains chromogens; and it's full of tannins, naturally occurring plant polyphenols found in grapes, among other foods, that give wine an astringent taste. Tannic acid can etch into tooth enamel, allowing the color to seep into your teeth. This trifecta working together can turn your pearly whites a shade of dingy purplish-red in no time -- just sipping red wine with dinner can be enough to produce dark stains on teeth.

White wine causes its own set of troubles. Even though you won't get the obvious staining as you might with red wine, when you drink a glass of white wine, you're still consuming a highly acidic, tannin-rich beverage. Those components make your teeth more susceptible to staining by other foods and beverages you take in directly after imbibing.

What other beverages are bad for your teeth? Read on to find out.