Top 5 Foods That Cause Staining on Teeth

Coloring agents may make eating candy more fun, but they can end up on your teeth for good.
Coloring agents may make eating candy more fun, but they can end up on your teeth for good.

Regularly popping hard candy into your mouth might be a catalyst for creating a discolored smile. Many sweets contain coloring agents such as blue or red dyes, or even vegetable juices. Although these bright hues make eating sweets a lot more fun, they can also promote staining of your tooth enamel. A good rule of thumb to use in this case is, if it stains your tongue, it'll probably stain your teeth. Watch out for culprits like popsicles, too, because they may turn your teeth colors as well. This is especially true if you eat them often. Keep the sweets to a minimum, though, and your teeth will shine more brightly.

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