5 Foods that Will Make You Happier


Brazil Nuts

If you're down in the dumps and looking for a quick pick-me-up, try eating a couple Brazil nuts. They're a great source of selenium, which, aside from helping ward off depression and maintain a good mood, is also thought to help prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer. Although scientists still aren't exactly sure how selenium effects our mood, it's clear this little mineral plays a significant role in our mental happiness and well-being [source: Men's Health].

Our bodies and minds need selenium, but if you get too much of it, this helpful mineral can quickly become a toxic substance [source: See, et al]. Selenium is rarely fatal, but Brazil nuts contain more selenium than any other food -- just six nuts contain 100 percent of the recommended daily selenium intake -- so eat these mood-enhancing treats in moderation [source: Men's Health].

Brazil nuts are easy to incorporate into your diet. They have a taste similar to almonds, so they're a great salad or dessert topper, but they can also be eaten by themselves.