Top 5 Gourmet Food Gifts That Won't Be Regifted


Seasonal Fruit

In the old days, getting an orange in your Christmas stocking wasn't considered the best way to start the holiday festivities, but the world has changed a lot since then. With so many ways to overindulge, having a virtuous fruit basket around can be a real plus, particularly if it has enough variety to be tempting, but isn't so large that the fruit will become overripe before your friend has a chance to eat it all.

Fruits, all gussied up in attractive baskets and tins, can be a refreshing break from the high-fat and caloric offerings that tempt most folks on a day to day basis, and a more natural approach to snack time is downright popular these days. Mail order establishments and local growers are making gifts of fresh fruit easier to give during most of the year, and the quality is generally excellent.