5 Great Food Gifts for New Moms

Healthy treats are best, but some tasty sweets are nice, too! See more pictures of enlightened desserts.

The birth of a child is among the happiest and most wonderful times of a mother's life. It's also one of the most chaotic. Hectic days and sleepless nights with the newest member of the family can completely exhaust mom, who may not even find the time to take care of herself.

That's where you come in, friend. Most likely you've already showered the baby with burping clothes, bottles and blankets. But now it's time to give mommy something she really, really needs -- food.

So many new moms eat whatever they can grab during those first few crazy weeks of motherhood. It's up to you to make sure what she grabs is good for her. Not only is the gift of food thoughtful, but it'll also help mommy feel healthy and alert. Anyone can make a casserole or lasagna and stick it in the freezer. But you're more creative than that, right?

Keep reading for some unique and tasty meal ideas for new moms.

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