5 Great Food Gifts for New Moms

A Hot Meal

Many people tend to give new parents gifts of frozen home-cooked meals. But we've talked to a few new moms and they've told us that sometimes they can't even get up the energy to defrost and reheat something. That's some high-level exhaustion! We have a solution, though:

Enlist a few friends, and every night, while you're preparing your own meal for you and/or your family, make some extra portions. Take those extra portions over to the new mom's house, piping hot and ready to eat. Let her know in advance that she can expect a hot dinner every night for the next week at a certain time. It'll be much appreciated, and she won't have to do anything but enjoy it.

If you don't cook or live too far away from your friend, arrange for a local restaurant to deliver a meal instead. Just remember to keep it light and healthy.

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