5 Great Food Gifts for New Moms

Mommy Superfoods

It's really important for a new mom to keep up her energy levels and stay healthy, especially if she's breastfeeding, and eating nutrient-rich foods will help. Why not put together some meals for the new mom, featuring these superfoods? Both mommy and baby will thank you.

  • Salmon: Fatty fish like salmon contain a compound called DHA, which is essential for nervous system development. Some studies say that DHA even helps assuage postpartum depression.
  • Low-fat dairy: Dairy products like skim milk and yogurt contain vitamins, calcium and protein. Three servings a day is optimal.
  • Lean beef: Beef is rich in iron, which helps with energy levels. It also provides a boost of protein and B-12, something breastfeeding moms need.
  • Oranges: This fruit is portable, chock-full of vitamins and is another good energy-booster.
  • Leafy greens: Think spinach, Swiss chard and broccoli. Greens are full of vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, iron and antioxidants, which are good for the heart.

Bonus! These foods are good for anyone. So, make extra for yourself.

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