5 Great Food Gifts for New Moms

Make your favorite new mom some homemade cupcakes.
Make your favorite new mom some homemade cupcakes.

Yeah, we know we've been saying "healthy, healthy, healthy." But let's face it. Everyone needs a treat every now and then. Many of the moms we talked to told us they loved the snacks and nutritious meals, but they were also delighted when people showed up at their houses with sweets. We're not talking an entire cake or anything, but consider things like cookie bouquets (which can be personalized with blue or pink ribbons), cupcakes (a great single-serving snack) or chocolates. Many breastfeeding moms crave sugar, probably for the quick energy spike.


Some dads we spoke to also told us they enjoyed having some coffeecake around in the mornings to enjoy. A nice little sugar and caffeine rush never hurt anyone, right?

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