5 Healthy Cherry Tomato Recipes

Nutritious and delicious, cherry tomatoes are a bite-sized favorite. See more heirloom tomato pictures.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Whether you call them "to-may-toes" or "to-mah-toes," they're the world's most popular fruit. (Yes, we said "fruit.") And of the nearly 10,000 varieties of the favored food, cherry tomatoes are one of the mostly widely eaten groups.

Because of their small size, cherry tomatoes are perfectly suited for salads, as well as most other recipes calling for tomatoes. And they contain the same health benefits as their larger, plumper cousins: They're high in vitamins A and C and filled with the cancer-fighting compound lycopene. Cherry tomatoes are also a low-calorie, no-fat food with beneficial amounts of fiber, iron, potassium and folic acid. Add these health benefits to your menu with the following nutritious recipes.