5 Healthy Foods That Are Fun To Make

Fun means easy, right? And what's easier than dipping carrots in hummus? See more vegetables pictures.
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Eating healthy is a priority for just about all of us these days. It's easy, though, to get stuck in a rut and prepare the same meals and snacks over and over again. Once we get bored with something, it's just a matter of time before we fall off the nutrition wagon and start reaching for convenient and unhealthy snacks. This is especially true for kids. Kids like their meals fun and interactive -- think finger foods, cool shapes and stuff they can dip. Kids are also more likely to eat healthy food they've helped prepare themselves.

We've put together a list of five healthy meals and snacks that aren't just good for you, but are fun to make and to eat. Prepare these nibbles for yourself and feel like a kid again. If you're a parent, have your kids cook along with you in the kitchen. The recipes are simple, easy, nutritious and fun.