5 Ingredients You Can Replace With Tomatoes


Few things compare with pesto made with fresh basil leaves. Eating pesto is like tasting the essence of summer.

But, summer ends, and with it does the ready supply of fresh basil.

Don't despair, though. Think red. Delicately preserved sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil provide their own taste of summer. You can make a red pesto following your favorite recipe -- just but substitute sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil for the basil. Just cut the amount of olive oil you add to the mix slightly to adjust for what comes with the tomatoes. Or, jazz the recipe up a little (and make it more liquid) by adding a little red wine vinegar and/or red wine to the mix. The tomatoes are more solid than basil leaves, so you'll probably need more liquid than in your green pesto. Parsley, fresh or dried, can add a hint of green.

Use your red pesto in any of your favorite ways -- on pasta, grilled eggplant or other grilled foods, or on bread.

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