5 Ingredients You Can Replace With Tomatoes


Many cooks have fail-safe casseroles, stews and slow-cooker dishes they throw together, often without needing a recipe. Brown the beef or chicken; maybe sauté some onions, garlic and even a little green pepper. Throw all that in a slow cooker, stew pot or Dutch oven. Then cut and add the potatoes, carrots or whatever vegetables you use, and toss in some herbs. Usually the ingredient that brings it all together and keeps it moist is a container of broth -- beef, chicken or vegetable.

What if you have everything ready but discover you're out of broth? Or what if you just want something different? What if you take the opportunity to add vitamins and antioxidants -- not to mention flavor -- to that old standard dish?

Tomatoes can easily replace the broth. Chop up some large, fresh, ripe tomatoes and add them in place of the broth. If you think you need more liquid, add water and/or wine. But the tomatoes will release liquid as they cook.

In the off season, canned tomatoes -- the homemade variety or commercially canned -- are fine substitutes for broth. So are canned tomato sauce, commercial pasta sauces and even salsa.

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