10 Leftover Foods that Are Better the Second Day


Turkey and the Trimmings

Leftovers don't keep indefinitely; be wise and indulge in leftover turkey, soups, stews or pizza within three to four days.
Leftovers don't keep indefinitely; be wise and indulge in leftover turkey, soups, stews or pizza within three to four days.

As much as everyone enjoys the main Thanksgiving event, the leftovers are anticipated as much -- or even more -- than dinner. Otherwise, families of four wouldn't routinely choose 20-pound turkeys to serve. The beauty of Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey, stuffing and sweet potato soufflé is that they can be reheated for hungry houseguests who are lingering after the holidays.

Turkey reheats best if stored in an airtight container or wrapped well to prevent drying out. Also, it helps if the initial product isn't dry or overcooked. Even if the turkey seems to be leaning toward the dry side, the only remedy necessary is a sprinkle of turkey stock or similar broth to moisten it right back up. The post-Thanksgiving fun doesn't have to stop once turkey au natural becomes tiresome. Rather than toss the leftovers, opt instead to turn them into entirely new dishes, such as turkey salad or turkey soup. The trimmings are no exception. Everything from the cranberry sauce to the stuffing can find a new life with a little creativity or the right recipe.

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