Top 10 Most Addictive Foods


Foods Advertised as Non-fat, Low-fat or Sugar-free

Oh no! The one bastion of good-for-you-food may be almost as addictive as the other baddies on this list. Here's how it works: You decide to be responsible and eat low-fat crackers instead of the fat-laden alternatives. What's the result? You end up eating twice as many crackers (or more) because you think the low-fat brand you've selected is a healthier choice with a little caloric wiggle room. Actually, low-fat foods are just that, low in fat. There's no guarantee that they're nutritious and also low in sodium and questionable additives. In fact, many foods advertised as low-fat contain increased amounts of sodium to add flavor.

If you automatically reach for low-fat or nonfat options at the market, you may be hooked on the idea that you can cheat the food pyramid with some ingredient sleight-of-hand instead of adopting more responsible eating habits. Ouch. This is a sneaky trap, and frankly, pretty unfair. After a few days of being good and eating low-fat alternatives, many of us start feeling deprived and end up binging on high-calorie indulgences anyway. Then, the cycle starts all over again.