5 Myths About Losing Weight

Some diet myths could foil your weight loss plans. See some diet fad pictures.

From Halloween on through the holidays, opportunities to gorge on rich and fattening foods are plentiful. Food-centric celebrations fill out people's calendars and waistlines, thanks to decadent candies, desserts and rich casseroles. After months of gluttonous behavior, the new year inevitably arrives, at which time many people expect to snap their fingers and undo all of the dietary damage they've done in recent months and then some.

Although many people hop aboard a drastic calorie-cutting bandwagon at the start of each year and devote themselves to fad diets, experts often encourage healthier get-in-shape plans. However, because of the sheer amount of seemingly helpful weight-loss information available, figuring out what's actually healthy can be harder than it seems. In this article, you'll learn about five widespread weight-loss myths that can lead to diet pitfalls -- and some tips on how you can avoid them. Read on to find out which foods aren't as bad for you as you may have been led to believe.

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