Top 5 Stinkiest Cheeses

Stinking Bishop

Made popular in the "Wallace and Gromit" animated film series, where it was used to bring Wallace back from the dead, Stinking Bishop (as its name suggests) is one of the most pungent stinky cheeses and one of the oldest. Its roots are believed to trace back to a cheese variety first developed by Cistercian monks during the 12th century, in the village of Dymock outside of London, England. Farmer Charles Martell moved to this area to create the modern-day variety in 1972, and his farm is now the sole producer of Stinking Bishop.

As is the case with many stinky cheeses, the aroma is primarily attached to the rind, which is washed in fermented pear juice. Once you remove that rind, it's smooth sailing to a soft, creamy texture and salty, meaty flavor, which works well when accompanied by bread and a dessert wine, such as ice wine or port.

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